How Intuitive Reading Works

How Do Intuitive Readings Work?

Sessions are based on a process of reading a person's energy and interpreting the intuitive information that comes through, helping you to gain new insight and growth.  As a session progresses, underlying or hidden truths may emerge that pertain to a persons situation, circumstance, issue


or challenge, in present as well as past lifetimes.  As old limiting and contracted energies are released, greater space is made available to reconnect with your inate spiritual self and live in a more grounded and empowered way.

How Does Reiki And Aura Cleansing Work?

Reiki is a hands on healing method that accesses the universal life force energy-or chi.  This energy is circulated through the body and energy field, balancing and clearing any foreign or stagnant energy creating an unobstructed flow.  This allows for greater clarity and certainty. 

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Intutive readings and energy work can help you in all areas of life. Find out more about:

Intuitive readings, energy work and meditation classes




Mike is the person I go to when I am stuck and can't see my own answers. Mike is increadibly well connected to spirit. The information that comes through is always accurate. Mike's delivery of the information is sensitive and understanding. I never feel judged when having a session with him. If you want ansers to questions or want to know how to clearly go forward with your emotional or spiritual growth, go see Mike!


Lexa Finley -Spiritual teacher, healer and psychic.


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